2 Junie 2018 Winter Minimark by Emmaüs

21 Junie 2018

Emmaüs sluit vir wintervakansie

Maandag 16 Julie 2018 Emmaüs heropen
Saterdag 18 Augustus 2018 Algemene Jaarvergadering
Vrydag 7 September 2018 Manne-Afvalaand in Burgersentrum / Men's Tripe evening in Civic Centre
Vrydag 9 November 2018 Emmaüs/Fancourt Golfdag
Saterdag 1 Desember  2018

Emmaüs kermis en kersmark / Fete and Christmas market


Emmaüs is open to the public every day and the community is welcome to come and visit us to see what we do and what we can do for them.

Working hours are from Mondays to Thursday 8 am until 4 pm and Fridays from 8am to 1 pm.